Awesome Humans - Issue #19

“Awesome Humans” is a weekly curated newsletter highlighting content at the intersection of becoming

Grant Gochnauer: Awesome Humans

January 3 · Issue #19 · View online
Awesome Humans is about becoming the best you can be in a world of exponential change: Leadership, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, Health, Disruption, and the Future.

“Awesome Humans” is a weekly curated newsletter highlighting content at the intersection of becoming extraordinary individuals, building extraordinary teams, and the future.
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I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday and New Years! Looking forward to an amazing 2016 and I hope you’ll share Awesome Humans with your friends in the new year! If you read articles that you think would be a great fit for Awesome Humans, send them in!

Being an Awesome Human
Six Habits of Highly Empathic People
How To Consciously Evolve in 2016 (& the rest of your life)
Being a Healthy Human
Sex redefined
Master/Mind on Vimeo
The misunderstood psychology of weight loss — how to lose 30 pounds in 2016
Human Builders
Startups and Shit, How to get rich in tech, guaranteed.
What We Learned About Management in 2015, in 25 Charts and Graphics
The Great Reckoning: Thoughts on the Deflation of Technology Bubble 2.0
Revenue Multiple Demystified: Tech Valuations 101
The Birth And Death Of Privacy: 3,000 Years of History Told Through 46 Images
Future Humans
The Science to Look Out for in 2016
Why 2015 may be remembered as a transformative year for how we get energy
Marc Andreessen: 'In 20 years, every physical item will have a chip implanted in it'
Debunking the biggest myths about artificial intelligence
This Year in Science
One More Thing
See some of the world’s most breathtaking drone photography in 2015
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